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# @Time   : 2020/9/3
# @Author : Yupeng Hou
# @Email  :

# @Time   : 2020/10/9, 2020/9/15, 2020/9/22
# @Author : Yupeng Hou, Xingyu Pan, Yushuo Chen
# @Email  :,,


import os

from import Dataset
from import dlapi
from recbole.utils import FeatureSource
from recbole.utils.utils import set_color

[docs]class SocialDataset(Dataset): """:class:`SocialDataset` is based on :class:``, and load ``.net`` additionally. It also provides several interfaces to transfer ``.net`` features into coo sparse matrix, csr sparse matrix, :class:`DGL.Graph` or :class:`PyG.Data`. Attributes: source_field (str): The same as ``config['SOURCE_ID_FIELD']``. target_field (str): The same as ``config['TARGET_ID_FIELD']``. net_feat (pandas.DataFrame): Internal data structure stores the network features. It's loaded from file ``.net``. """ def __init__(self, config): super().__init__(config) def _get_field_from_config(self): super()._get_field_from_config() self.source_field = self.config['SOURCE_ID_FIELD'] self.target_field = self.config['TARGET_ID_FIELD'] self._check_field('source_field', 'target_field') self.logger.debug(set_color('source_id_field', 'blue') + f': {self.source_field}') self.logger.debug(set_color('target_id_field', 'blue') + f': {self.target_field}') def _load_data(self, token, dataset_path): """Load ``.net`` additionally. """ super()._load_data(token, dataset_path) self.net_feat = self._load_net(self.dataset_name, self.dataset_path) def _build_feat_name_list(self): feat_name_list = super()._build_feat_name_list() if self.net_feat is not None: feat_name_list.append('net_feat') return feat_name_list def _load_net(self, dataset_name, dataset_path): net_file_path = os.path.join(dataset_path, f'{dataset_name}.net') if os.path.isfile(net_file_path): net_feat = self._load_feat(net_file_path, FeatureSource.NET) if net_feat is None: raise ValueError('.net file exist, but net_feat is None, please check your load_col') return net_feat else: raise ValueError(f'File {net_file_path} not exist.') def _get_fields_in_same_space(self): """Parsing ``config['fields_in_same_space']``. See :doc:`../user_guide/data/data_args` for detail arg setting. Note: - Each field can only exist ONCE in ``config['fields_in_same_space']``. - user_id and item_id can not exist in ``config['fields_in_same_space']``. - only token-like fields can exist in ``config['fields_in_same_space']``. - ``source_id`` and ``target_id`` should be remapped with ``user_id``. """ fields_in_same_space = super()._get_fields_in_same_space() fields_in_same_space = [ _ for _ in fields_in_same_space if (self.source_field not in _) and (self.target_field not in _) ] for field_set in fields_in_same_space: if self.uid_field in field_set: field_set.update({self.source_field, self.target_field}) return fields_in_same_space
[docs] @dlapi.set() def net_graph(self, form='coo', value_field=None): """Get graph or sparse matrix that describe relations between users. For an edge of <src, tgt>, ``graph[src, tgt] = 1`` if ``value_field`` is ``None``, else ``graph[src, tgt] = self.net_feat[value_field][src, tgt]``. Currently, we support graph in `DGL`_ and `PyG`_, and two type of sparse matrices, ``coo`` and ``csr``. Args: form (str, optional): Format of sparse matrix, or library of graph data structure. Defaults to ``coo``. value_field (str, optional): edge attributes of graph, or data of sparse matrix, Defaults to ``None``. Returns: Graph / Sparse matrix of relations. .. _DGL: .. _PyG: """ args = [self.net_feat, self.source_field, self.target_field, form, value_field] if form in ['coo', 'csr']: return self._create_sparse_matrix(*args) elif form in ['dgl', 'pyg']: return self._create_graph(*args) else: raise NotImplementedError('net graph format [{}] has not been implemented.')
def __str__(self): info = [super().__str__(), f'The number of connections of social network: {len(self.net_feat)}'] return '\n'.join(info)