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# @Time   : 2020/7/7
# @Author : Yupeng Hou
# @Email  :

# @Time   : 2022/7/8, 2020/10/22, 2020/9/23, 2022/7/6
# @Author : Zhen Tian, Yupeng Hou, Yushuo Chen, Gaowei Zhang
# @email  :,,,


import math
import copy
from logging import getLogger

import torch

from import Interaction
from recbole.utils import InputType, FeatureType, FeatureSource
from import construct_transform

start_iter = False

[docs]class AbstractDataLoader( """:class:`AbstractDataLoader` is an abstract object which would return a batch of data which is loaded by :class:`` when it is iterated. And it is also the ancestor of all other dataloader. Args: config (Config): The config of dataloader. dataset (Dataset): The dataset of dataloader. sampler (Sampler): The sampler of dataloader. shuffle (bool, optional): Whether the dataloader will be shuffle after a round. Defaults to ``False``. Attributes: _dataset (Dataset): The dataset of this dataloader. shuffle (bool): If ``True``, dataloader will shuffle before every epoch. pr (int): Pointer of dataloader. step (int): The increment of :attr:`pr` for each batch. _batch_size (int): The max interaction number for all batch. """ def __init__(self, config, dataset, sampler, shuffle=False): self.shuffle = shuffle self.config = config self._dataset = dataset self._sampler = sampler self._batch_size = self.step = self.model = None self._init_batch_size_and_step() index_sampler = None self.generator = torch.Generator() self.generator.manual_seed(config["seed"]) self.transform = construct_transform(config) if not config["single_spec"]: index_sampler = list(range(self.sample_size)), shuffle=shuffle, drop_last=False ) self.step = max(1, self.step // config["world_size"]) shuffle = False super().__init__( dataset=list(range(self.sample_size)), batch_size=self.step, collate_fn=self.collate_fn, num_workers=config["worker"], shuffle=shuffle, sampler=index_sampler, generator=self.generator, ) def _init_batch_size_and_step(self): """Initializing :attr:`step` and :attr:`batch_size`.""" raise NotImplementedError( "Method [init_batch_size_and_step] should be implemented" )
[docs] def update_config(self, config): """Update configure of dataloader, such as :attr:`batch_size`, :attr:`step` etc. Args: config (Config): The new config of dataloader. """ self.config = config self._init_batch_size_and_step()
[docs] def set_batch_size(self, batch_size): """Reset the batch_size of the dataloader, but it can't be called when dataloader is being iterated. Args: batch_size (int): the new batch_size of dataloader. """ self._batch_size = batch_size
[docs] def collate_fn(self): """Collect the sampled index, and apply neg_sampling or other methods to get the final data.""" raise NotImplementedError("Method [collate_fn] must be implemented.")
def __iter__(self): global start_iter start_iter = True res = super().__iter__() start_iter = False return res def __getattribute__(self, __name: str): global start_iter if not start_iter and __name == "dataset": __name = "_dataset" return super().__getattribute__(__name)
[docs]class NegSampleDataLoader(AbstractDataLoader): """:class:`NegSampleDataLoader` is an abstract class which can sample negative examples by ratio. It has two neg-sampling method, the one is 1-by-1 neg-sampling (pair wise), and the other is 1-by-multi neg-sampling (point wise). Args: config (Config): The config of dataloader. dataset (Dataset): The dataset of dataloader. sampler (Sampler): The sampler of dataloader. shuffle (bool, optional): Whether the dataloader will be shuffle after a round. Defaults to ``False``. """ def __init__(self, config, dataset, sampler, shuffle=True): self.logger = getLogger() super().__init__(config, dataset, sampler, shuffle=shuffle) def _set_neg_sample_args(self, config, dataset, dl_format, neg_sample_args): self.uid_field = dataset.uid_field self.iid_field = dataset.iid_field self.dl_format = dl_format self.neg_sample_args = neg_sample_args self.times = 1 if ( self.neg_sample_args["distribution"] == "uniform" or "popularity" and self.neg_sample_args["sample_num"] != "none" ): self.neg_sample_num = self.neg_sample_args["sample_num"] if self.dl_format == InputType.POINTWISE: self.times = 1 + self.neg_sample_num self.sampling_func = self._neg_sample_by_point_wise_sampling self.label_field = config["LABEL_FIELD"] dataset.set_field_property( self.label_field, FeatureType.FLOAT, FeatureSource.INTERACTION, 1 ) elif self.dl_format == InputType.PAIRWISE: self.times = self.neg_sample_num self.sampling_func = self._neg_sample_by_pair_wise_sampling self.neg_prefix = config["NEG_PREFIX"] self.neg_item_id = self.neg_prefix + self.iid_field columns = ( [self.iid_field] if dataset.item_feat is None else dataset.item_feat.columns ) for item_feat_col in columns: neg_item_feat_col = self.neg_prefix + item_feat_col dataset.copy_field_property(neg_item_feat_col, item_feat_col) else: raise ValueError( f"`neg sampling by` with dl_format [{self.dl_format}] not been implemented." ) elif ( self.neg_sample_args["distribution"] != "none" and self.neg_sample_args["sample_num"] != "none" ): raise ValueError( f'`neg_sample_args` [{self.neg_sample_args["distribution"]}] is not supported!' ) def _neg_sampling(self, inter_feat): if self.neg_sample_args.get("dynamic", False): candidate_num = self.neg_sample_args["candidate_num"] user_ids = inter_feat[self.uid_field].numpy() item_ids = inter_feat[self.iid_field].numpy() neg_candidate_ids = self._sampler.sample_by_user_ids( user_ids, item_ids, self.neg_sample_num * candidate_num ) self.model.eval() interaction = copy.deepcopy(inter_feat).to(self.model.device) interaction = interaction.repeat(self.neg_sample_num * candidate_num) neg_item_feat = Interaction( {self.iid_field:} ) interaction.update(neg_item_feat) scores = self.model.predict(interaction).reshape(candidate_num, -1) indices = torch.max(scores, dim=0)[1].detach() neg_candidate_ids = neg_candidate_ids.reshape(candidate_num, -1) neg_item_ids = neg_candidate_ids[ indices, [i for i in range(neg_candidate_ids.shape[1])] ].view(-1) self.model.train() return self.sampling_func(inter_feat, neg_item_ids) elif ( self.neg_sample_args["distribution"] != "none" and self.neg_sample_args["sample_num"] != "none" ): user_ids = inter_feat[self.uid_field].numpy() item_ids = inter_feat[self.iid_field].numpy() neg_item_ids = self._sampler.sample_by_user_ids( user_ids, item_ids, self.neg_sample_num ) return self.sampling_func(inter_feat, neg_item_ids) else: return inter_feat def _neg_sample_by_pair_wise_sampling(self, inter_feat, neg_item_ids): inter_feat = inter_feat.repeat(self.times) neg_item_feat = Interaction({self.iid_field: neg_item_ids}) neg_item_feat = self._dataset.join(neg_item_feat) neg_item_feat.add_prefix(self.neg_prefix) inter_feat.update(neg_item_feat) return inter_feat def _neg_sample_by_point_wise_sampling(self, inter_feat, neg_item_ids): pos_inter_num = len(inter_feat) new_data = inter_feat.repeat(self.times) new_data[self.iid_field][pos_inter_num:] = neg_item_ids new_data = self._dataset.join(new_data) labels = torch.zeros(pos_inter_num * self.times) labels[:pos_inter_num] = 1.0 new_data.update(Interaction({self.label_field: labels})) return new_data
[docs] def get_model(self, model): self.model = model